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PRI|Professional Associations

PRI - ACRP logo Society for Clinical Research Sites – The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) was founded in 2012 in response to the growing need for a trade organization representative of the needs of clinical research sites globally. SCRS’ mission is to unify the voice of the global clinical research site community for site sustainability. SCRS has become an active partner in industry-wide initiatives and dialogues focused on improving the clinical research enterprise.

PRI - ACRP logo Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) – The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is the primary resource for clinical research professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, and those in hospital, academic medical centers and physician office settings.  ACRP is a global association comprised of the largest community dedicated to clinical research and development.

PRI - CenterWatch LogoAt CenterWatch, our mission is to be the leading source of clinical trials information for both clinical research professionals and patients. To support our mission, we offer several professional, educational and informative services and resources from news and analysis on the industry to trial listings seeking study volunteers. For more information, click on the links below under the appropriate category. CenterWatch offers several services and resources specifically to patients. With our Clinical Trial Listing Service we are able to provide patients unbiased information on clinical trials, with a clinical trial database that contains thousands of currently enrolling trials. Information on drugs and new medical therapies are available to review. CenterWatch also provides patients with health and educational resources about clinical trials and other health information.

AAPA LogoAAPA is the national professional society for PAs. The mission of AAPA is to ensure the professional growth, personal excellence and recognition of PAs, and to support their efforts to enable them to improve the quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of patient-centered health care. AAPA’s vision is to be the leader in providing support and advocacy for PAs, the primary organization advancing the profession, a premier participant in health care transformation and a passionate champion of patient-centered care.

FAPA LogoFAPA is the only organization in this state actively promoting the PA profession via public education efforts.  FAPA has an aggressive lobbying team in Tallahassee working to protect our profession, help enact legislation that promotes our profession and the physician/PA team concept, and legislation to promote and protect the health of Florida citizens. FAPA is recognized at all levels of local and state government offices as the long standing and well respected voice of the PA profession in Florida. FAPA is recognized by all the major organized professional medical and health care groups as the only representative of the PA profession in our state. We also have representation in the AAPA House of Delegates.

AAHIV LogoThe American Academy of HIV Medicine is a professional organization that supports the HIV practitioner and promotes accessible, quality care for all Americans living with HIV disease. Our membership of HIV practitioners and credentialed HIV Specialists™ provide direct care to more than three-fourths of HIV patients in the US. AAHIVM believes in giving HIV frontline practitioners the support, resources and educational opportunities they need for providing optimal care for those living with HIV disease.


HIVM LogoThe HIV Medicine Association is an organization of medical professionals who practice HIV medicine. We represent the interests of our patients by promoting quality in HIV care and by advocating for policies that ensure a comprehensive and humane response to the AIDS pandemic informed by science and social justice.

IDSA LogoThe Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) represents physicians, scientists and other health care professionals who specialize in infectious diseases. IDSA’s purpose is to improve the health of individuals, communities, and society by promoting excellence in patient care, education, research, public health, and prevention relating to infectious diseases.

Christian Medical and Dental LogoFor the last 80 years, the Christian Medical & Dental Associations has been dedicated to transforming the lives of healthcare professionals like you, so that you can transform the world. We are a national membership organization serving more than 16,000 Christian physicians, dentists, healthcare professionals and students across the world whose purpose is to change hearts in healthcare. With more than 40 outreaches and ministries – including student ministries, medical missions, public policy resources and more – we touch hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

FCCI LogoFCCI is a community of business leaders united by a vision that Christ can change our world through how we do business. FCCI’s members (monthly dues based) find answers to business challenges through prayer and a wide variety of powerful resources including business forums, e-learning tools, global conferences and regional events.

C12 LogoAt C12, we’re all about leading thriving profitable Christian companies. This unashamed practical focus is combined with our commitment to a Biblical perspective coupled with like-minded peer counsel and accountability.  Given that our vocational calling utilizes most of our waking hours, how we conduct business defines much of who we are and our impact on others around us.