In our world protocols and guidelines provide the roadmap to success. That success can only be realized if the person has a thorough understanding of both, and the skills to recruit patients.  As a Project Manager it is important to the team to build a great relationship with our sites. The staff training, subject recruitment, data collection and entry and implementation of studies at Mr. Ribo’s site have been conducted with the utmost professionalism and integrity.
Penny Herrington, Sr. Project Manager, Major CRO

I have worked with this site monitoring 6 trials over the past 3 years.  The staff is great to work with – well-trained, welcoming and prompt in responding to requests.  The office and records are always in order and ready for the monitoring visit.  Their documentation of subject study visits is complete and explanatory.  The PI I have worked with is attentive and conversant with all study issues. In short, this is an exemplary site.
Vicky Rochford, Senior CRA, Major CRO

I was actually nervous but as soon as I got there I felt really comfortable. The staff at Peninsula Research is very friendly and very welcoming and they’re just really awesome. It’s a great place to be and get treated. I’ll be back again for sure!
Michael Piterson