We Need Your Help for Clinical Research Studies

Clinical research plays a critical role in the field of medicine. But without the right doctors, clinical research cannot succeed.
That’s why Peninsula Research needs your help. At Peninsula, we help investigators conduct clinical research by creating a suitable environment to perform clinical trials. Our full-time, dedicated, and educated research personnel and professional research space lead to the highest quality data.
Our office facilitates sponsored and non-sponsored clinical trials by:

  • Establishing healthy working relationships with local partners and business community members
  • Creating business relationships within the pharmaceutical industry as well as CRO companies
  • Providing a pool of trained clinical research coordinators and research staff
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary initiatives within the clinical trial community in various areas of research
  • Supporting industry partners in their research initiatives

If you are a health care professional interested in clinical research, we encourage you to explore your opportunities with Peninsula Research. By partnering with us, you will be part of a rapidly growing team who is passionate about clinical research and advancing the field of medicine.
Physicians are affiliated with Peninsula Research as Principal Investigators or Sub-Investigators. In these roles, they lead clinical trials, monitor participants, manage Clinical Coordinators, and interact with the Sponsors’ representatives. The precise role depends on the individual’s level of clinical research experience and the study undertaken.

Why work with Peninsula Research?

  • Doctors are able to work on clinical trials without hiring additional staff or adversely impacting their current practice
  •  We offer flexible, entrepreneurial work arrangements and attractive, performance-driven compensation
  • Peninsula Research handles all administrative aspects of the research trial, including everything from the initial contact with pharmaceutical partners to the final submission
  • We minimize administrative distractions and thoroughly prepare participants in order to maximize your time and minimize your work

Peninsula Research takes tremendous care to use our Investigators’ time as efficiently as possible. We minimize administrative distractions and let Investigators focus on what they do best: clinical research and patient care.

Recommending patients to Peninsula Research

Patients and providers both play a critical role in the clinical research industry. One of the biggest challenges today’s partners face is finding quality patients.
Most primary care providers do not have the time or resources to lead clinical trials. That’s why we encourage primary care providers to recommend clinical trials to eligible patients. By outsourcing clinical trial management to Peninsula Research, partners get the patients they need and care givers get the recognition they deserve. The patient, of course, gets access to the latest medical advances. Everybody wins.
Here’s what you need to know about referring patients to Peninsula:

  • Referring patients to a clinical trial is similar to referring them to a specialist. They remain your patients and will require regular follow-up care as you see fit. Just like with a specialist, patients will receive evaluations and treatment during the clinical trial
  • As the patient’s primary care provider, you will receive regular communication throughout the clinical trial, similar to the updates you would receive from a specialist. Communication as to when patient starts and end study. Other communication is available upon your request
  • Clinical trial staff manage your patient’s record and participation in the study to ensure no administrative burden is placed on your office

We encourage you to explore your opportunities with Peninsula Research today. Call or fill in the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.


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